Your pupil is a tiny opening that appears in your eye.

Ways To Treat And Prevent Astigmatism

The medical term for it is astigmatism. Astigmatism affects the way light enters and exits the eye, causing blurry vision and difficulty in seeing objects at night.

Pupils are controlled by muscles in the center of your eye known as the iris. Muscle in your iris, also known as the cornea, control the size of your pupils. As you grow older, your iris becomes weaker and smaller. Your pupils get smaller or larger, based on the light you are exposed to.

The first type of eye surgery that doctors used to treat astigmatism was called rhinoplasty. In rhinoplasty, the front part of the eye is reshaped so that light can enter the eye more easily. It usually involves a single surgery and involves the removal of a small portion of the cornea. The other type of surgery used to treat astigmatism is LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery reshapes the cornea and replaces the damaged one with a new vision-correcting device.

Ways To Treat And Prevent Astigmatism

The new cornea is shaped like a football, allowing light to go through it in a more uniform fashion. This procedure is not always successful and often produces some degree of vision loss.

Sclerotherapy is another type of surgery that uses a solution that causes inflammation of the retina. This is the same type of procedure used to remove sclerotic crystals from the eyes. With the use of a laser, a solution is injected directly into the macula of the eye.

A newer surgical method called Diffused Augmentation, allows light to enter your eyes through smaller holes. Unlike LASIK, the lasers used in this type of procedure do not cut the cornea. Laser treatment causes no inflammation, bruising, or loss of vision in patients.

Many other types of treatments are available to treat astigmatism. Some of these treatments involve surgery. You should discuss the possible treatments with your doctor and decide if they will work best for you.

Astigmatism is not a life-threatening condition, but it does require the proper treatment to keep your vision clear. To reduce the symptoms of astigmatism and keep it from worsening, your eye doctor may want to perform a special test known as a refractive surgery.

Ways To Treat And Prevent Astigmatism

or a non-sclerotic intraocular pressure testing. This test is a routine examination that is often performed at your doctor’s office.

Your exam will consist of several steps that include an inspection of the iris, eye pupils, eyelids, cornea, and retina for any irregular shape. During this examination, your eye doctor will be able to make a diagnosis of the cause of your astigmatism.

If you are diagnosed with astigmatism, you may also have a variety of different treatment options. If you have had contact lenses for a long time, they may not be as effective as they once were.

If you wear glasses, these may need to be removed and you may need to visit your eye care provider’s office for an eye exam to ensure that they are fitting properly. Your eye doctor may recommend laser surgery to improve the vision of your eyesight.

When you go for your eye exams, you will probably be instructed to lie down in an exam room in a reclining chair. Your eyes will be monitored by a professional and you will be asked to look up and down, look around, and follow simple instructions for a few minutes.

Many people feel embarrassed to ask their eye doctors about vision problems and they fear that they will be told that there is no cure. Sometimes, though, when patients are treated early in life, there are ways to prevent problems. This can include using prescribed eyeglasses, using contacts or glasses, wearing sunglasses, or just wearing sunglasses. When looking for a cure for astigmatism, it is important to ask your eye doctor about ways to improve your vision and how they can help you.

Ways To Treat And Prevent Astigmatism

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